Frequently Asked

Working Professionals

After assessment, will TRUEtest get me a job also?

TRUEtest is not an employment agency or a job portal. However, we are in the domain of making people more employable so that they may benefit from the jobs available in the market or be able to enhance their career if they are already working. Majority of the people are unable to secure good jobs because they either lack the skills or because they are not trying for the jobs they are most suited for. In a lot of cases, it is because they do not understand what the industry wants. TRUEtest focuses on strengthening each of these components. In the future, we will however be developing employment solutions for our users.

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How to Register on TRUEtest?

To register on TRUEtest, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Sign up icon on the top right corner of the home page
  • Choose your user type as a Learner if you wish to take the TRUEtest
  • Fill the required fields and click on Sign Up
  • You will receive a verification mail on your Registered email ID
  • Click on the link to activate your account

What is the verification Link?

In order to ensure authenticity of your account and prevent any misuse, a verification link is sent on your registered email ID for you to verify and activate your account.

Do I have to register the User type?

Yes, it is mandatory to choose your user type. This is because there are various segments of users i.e. School Students, College Students and Working Professionals etc. The services/benefits of TRUEtestare customized for every segment. To avail the services suitable to your user type it is important to mention your user type in the Registration Process.

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Login - My Page

How to Log in on TRUEtest?

  • To log in on TRUEtest, simply go to the home page of TRUEtest
  • Click on LOG IN given on the top right corner of the page
  • Enter your User Name (your Registered email ID) and your Password
  • Then click on Log in button

What is My Page?

My Page is the page of your journey and progress on TRUEtest. All the activities done by you on TRUEtest is reflected in your My Page section.

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Test / Reports

How long do I have to wait for my report and counseling after completion of test?

The report is available instantly once you successfully complete the test of your choice. The portal will recommend career counselors that are right for you. Once you decide the counselor you want to interact with, it depends on you and the counselor to set a time that is mutually convenient.

What kind of a test will be best suited for me?

Following are the offerings from TRUEtest:

  • We have the True Interest Profiler, for School students wanting to decide the direction of their career.
  • We have the True Career Profiler, for College students wanting to decide their best fit career path.
  • We have the True Career Enhancer for Working Professional wanting to understand their areas of strengthening and enhancing their career.

Do I have to prepare for test before hand? How will I get my Test report?

You don’t need to prepare for any of these tests. These are very generic in nature and do not require any preparation whatsoever. Once you take the test (which you can do only once), you will be able to download the same from the website. You will also get a report download link on your registered email ID.

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I don't have a bank account.Can I do cash payment?

In order to make payment on TRUEtest, it is mandatory to make payment online. Currently there is no feature available to make payments in cash.

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Skills Development Programs

What are skills development programs?

Skills development programs are learning videos by the Knowledge Experts pertaining to various skills that are critical for learners like you! The videos will help you enhance the ability to acquire those set of skills through a systematic, deliberate and sustained effort.

How to enroll for the Skills Development Programs?

To view/enroll for the Skills Development Programs, a candidate should have purchased a plan. To know more about the plans, visit the Pricing Plan section.

How do I take a particular Skill Session that I am interested in but is not in the list of Skills Development Programs?

You can send us your requirements or suggestions through Contact Us. The TRUEtest Team will look into the same.

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Career Counseling

What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate.

How to take an appointment with the Career Counselors?

To be eligible for Career Counseling, a candidate should have opted for either a Gold Plan or Platinum Plan.

If you have purchased any of these plans, the process is as follows:

  • Click on MyPage given in the dropdown window of your account name.
  • Go to Career Counseling Session section.
  • Click on Schedule and fill the required fields to fix the counseling session.
  • Click on Save. The TRUEtest Team will then fix your appointment with the concerned Counselor and update you with the details.

I'm in 12th class and I need counseling. What do I have to do further?

Once you have registered, you need to purchase a suitable plan and accordingly you can avail the benefits associated with that plan.To be eligible and avail the benefits of Career Counseling, you will need to buy a Gold or Platinum plan.

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Knowledge Experts

How do I know the profile of the knowledge expert is real / valid / authentic?

TRUEtest ensures that the profile of all knowledge experts (career counselors and industry experts) is visible to users. We have taken great pains to validate these profiles. At TRUEtest, we believe in high quality, and this is visible in the profile of experts we have listed on our platform. In majority of the cases, our team has personally interacted with these experts prior to having them on our platform. Still, users are welcome to share their feedback on any particular expert, in case there are any genuine concerns.

Who are Industry Experts?

Industry Experts are head honchos from the corporate sector, who with their expertise, will guide and enhance the potential of young working professionals.

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Do you also have any assessment for specially abled students?

Currently TRUEtest does not offer assessment for specially abled students. However we are working on the same.

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