Privacy Policy

Maintaining your privacy is important for us. The following code underlines our approach to your privacy:

1. We do not market, sell or hire out your personal details
2. Sharing of your contact information, if done at all, with other users and/ or members happens only with your consent
3. Information provided by you that might be sensitive or confidential is secured with appropriate technology controls and protocol
4. The Site will inform you of any changes that may take place that impact the manner in which your personal information might be visible or shared with other users. This will be done through posts or updates to the email account you provide us. Continuance use of the Site under your account implies you have gone through such posts and updates and your consent to the changed practices and norms

Peruse this privacy policy carefully to learn more about the following:

1. Personal information collection
User Registration:
In order to become a TrueTest User, the User need to create an account on the Site. To create an account the User will be required to provide general contact information; e.g. User name, email address and mobile number. The User will also choose an appropriate password

Profile Information:
The User’s personal details are taken in order to set up and maintain their user account on the Site. User profile includes standard details like the User’s address, contact numbers, and alternate email address as the case may be. The User has the prerogative of ensuring whether this information stays private or public. Details such as these help us maintain the User’s updated records and enable us to serve better

Cookies & Log Files:
i. TrueTest, like majority of other sites employs cookies and web log files to track site usage. A cookie is a tiny data file saved on the User’s computer to allow the Service Provider to identify them as a User whenever they return to our site using the same machine and web browser. If however, the User’s browser settings do not allow cookies they, the Service Provider may not be able to effectively customize your experience on the Site
ii. In compliance with communication standards on the Internet, the Service Provider automatically receives the URLs of the sites the User has previously surfed and moved on during their visit to TrueTest. We also receive the Internet protocol (IP) address of the User’s computer (or the proxy server the User used to access the World Wide Web), the User’s computer operating system and type of web browser they are using, as well as the name of their ISP. This information is used to analyze overall trends to help us improve the TrueTest service. The linkage between the User’s IP address and their personal information is not shared with third-parties without the User’s permission or except when required by law.

2. Uses of personal information
TrueTest is an online service that enables people to take tests and assessments that help them find deeper insights into themselves, their personality, attitude, aptitude, skills or any other aspect of their personality or ability. The Site may also connect people taking tests to knowledge experts who at their own will may decide to suggest, recommend or mentor or guide the test takers. In some cases, a User may share their interest areas and be connected to an expert who has expertise in a similar area. In other cases, an expert may be connected to another expert. All connections are at the discretion and with the consent of the User and expert. The Service Provider is not responsible for any advice or recommendation provided by one Member to another, whether it is from an expert to another User (“Learner”) or from an expert (“knowledge expert”) to another expert. All Users and Members agree that irrespective of whether they are Learners or Knowledge Experts the Service Provider is merely facilitating them connecting with each other and that the Service Provider or the Site is in no way responsible or liable for any action or otherwise as a consequence of such connections or operating on any such advice or recommendations.
The personal and/ or general information shared by a User on the Site is used to enable the User to describe themselves and their interests to other users and members. The Site may however use other information, that does not identify the User as an individual and such information is owned exclusively by the Service Provider. The Service Provider and the Site may utilize this information at their discretion.

Communications from TrueTest:
TrueTest will communicate with the User through email and notices posted on this Site. This includes welcome emails confirming to the User that their account has been successfully setup or informing the User about any new or existing feature of the Site. In some cases a Member who is a knowledge expert may receive a notification when another member who is a Learner may decide to follow them or communicate with them. The Service Provider may also send the User promotional emails or notifications unless the User has specifically opted out of receiving such information. If the User wishes to opt-out of receiving promotional emails, they can send a request to

Text Alerts: 
The Service Provider may send the User text alerts on their mobile phone as alerts or notifications pertaining to the User’s activity on the Site. By verifying their mobile number on the Site, the Users consent to receiving messages from the Service Provider on their mobile phone.

Customized Content:
Information that Learners or knowledge experts provide at the time of registration is used to customize their experience on the Site.

3. Information Sharing
Sharing Information with Third Parties:
The Service Provider respects the need for privacy of its Users. The Site does not market, sell, hire out, or otherwise provide information that personally identifies a User to any third party or parties for marketing purposes. The Service Provider may however share such information with third parties with the purpose of carrying out a User’s instructions. The Site may allow Users to publish parts of their profile on TrueTest to the public Internet. Users have the choice of opting out of this facility. However, in the latter situation, the Service Provider does not guarantee the manner in which third-party search engines will update their cache. The Service Provider may provide aggregated data pertaining to the usage of our services to third-parties for such purposes as we deem, in our sole discretion, to be appropriate. As a result, the Service Provider might segment users by occupation, geographic location, domain, function, industry, company or otherwise. If a User chooses to be excluded from such analysis, they may send an email to .

Alliances or partnerships with other service providers:
TrueTest may from time to time partner with other online or offline service providers in our endeavour to provide a richer experience to our Users. As part of this, the Service Provider may with the consent of the User share the User’s general information with the partner.

Communications between Users:
The Site may allow Users to share communication with each other. In all such cases, the decision to initiate or respond to such communications is the prerogative of individual Users. The Service Provider and the Site are not responsible for the content or the outcome of such communications. If however a User were to formally complain to the Service Provider about any content that is harassing or humiliating or bothersome, the Service Provider will attempt to look into the matter and take appropriate steps. In such cases, a User may send an email to

4. Legal Disclaimer:
It is possible that the Site or the Company may need to disclose personal information when required by law. We will disclose such information wherein we have a good-faith belief that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, or other legal process served on our company or to exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

5. Accessing and Changing Your Account Information
Users may review their personal information provided to the Service Provider and make desired changes to their information or to the settings for their User account any time by logging into their account on the Site and editing the information on their profile page. A User also has the option of closing their account on the Site, in which case the Service Provider will remove the User’s name and other personal information from public view. The Site may however decide to retain particular data contributed by the User if it is deemed necessary to prevent fraud or for legitimate business purposes, account recovery, or if required by law. All retained data will continue to be subject to the terms of the TrueTest Privacy Policy that the User has previously agreed to. To request account closure, an email may be sent to

6. Security
Information that is private in nature may be accessed by a User with the appropriate User name and password details.

7. Important information
The Service Provider may make updates and changes to the privacy policy. When those changes and updates occur, the Service Provider will notify the Users accordingly through alerts, texts or any other appropriate means. In some cases, the Service Provider may just put up a notice on the Site about such changes. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about the User and their account.

8. Contact Information
In the event that there are in questions about the Privacy Policy, contact us at:
The Next Milestone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
121, Mastermind 1, Royal Palms,
Off Aarey Milk Road, Goregaon East
Mumbai – 400 065, India
Phone: 022 – 28730515; 28794418